JavaThinClient, the smart and smooth way to give your character based terminal a full fledged graphic front end, without giving up server side only installation.

Terminal emulator and remote access products such as KEA for VT420 /340 and X, EXTRA! for Mainframes, RALLY! for the AS/400. Access information anywhere on your TCP/IP network and the Internet with PathWay NFS server and client for NT

Cyclades communication products


EMU-TEK from FTG Data Systems presents it's Tektronix terminal emulator for Windows
Software tools for network professionals
Observer®: A network monitor and protocol analyzer for Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI.

Observer is a cost effective, software only, 32-bit Microsoft Windows-based network monitor and LAN troubleshooting tool. Observer can monitor single-segment LANs and with the addition of Probes, Observer can be upgraded into Distributed Observer for monitoring multi-segment LANs and WANs.

With Observer a network administrator can view his or her LAN more clearly, see network traffic in real time, and with this new information, make network decisions based on facts instead of guesswork.